Saturn Caravan Antenna with Phone Aerial

Staying in touch with friends and family while people are travelling is always a little tricky. Both phone contact and email contact can prove difficult.

Telstra has made it a bit better than some of the other phone companies. The NextG network covers a much larger area of Australia than either the 3G or GSM networks.

Go directly to the Telstra Website to find out the area coverage. There you will find maps that show where the NextG phones will work + where you have to have an external antenna + where satellite phones are needed.

On the website they discuss phone selection  best suited to location. The need for an external antenna is also discussed on the web page.

The Saturn Antenna with a phone aerial gives you this external phone antenna that Telstra Saturn with phone aerialadvises. For more information visit Saturn Caravan Antenna with Phone Aerial.

The Saturn Antenna can come with the phone aerial built in OR can be installed into a customer’s existing Saturn Antenna.

• 5dB phone aerial
• suit NextG phones and internet devices for a laptop
• comes with 4mts low-loss cable (RG58)
• power – 5watts
• phone connector (separate plug)
• patch lead for mobile phone/internet device

For more information contact our friendly team for advice on 1800 443471 or email

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The team of professionals is dedicated to manufacturing a quality TV antenna for the traveller. To this end the designer, Peter Grant, continues to listen to the market and is committed to researching the most up-to-date, quality products available. Saturn Antennas have had a digital amplifier since 2000 when digital reception was available in the capital cities.
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